Bebe Huxley Summons Her Queer Femininity in Radical 'Scorpio' Video

2017 is becoming the year the patriarchy fell, and Bebe Huxley has proven to be an active force in tipping the scales. The LA pop artist's "Scorpio" music video arrives at an important time, telling a relevant story of unruly self-empowerment. Lifted off her new EP of the same title, the Xavier Hamel-directed visual sees Huxley summoning her feminine strength and ultimately transforming from a violent male ex. 

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Meet Alex Black: A Queer '80s-Inspired Pop Star Driven By Death

Emerging synth-pop artist Alex Black has had several iterations of his persona during his decade-plus-long artistic career. Previously, he has had forays into punk rock, DIY performance art, and trippy lo-fi. Now the queer singer-songwriter, who has received co-signs from Sam Sparro and Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste, is ready for his pop star close-up.



Los Angeles based, electro-pop artist, Bebe Huxley, is dropping music videos that encourage us to question what we have been told is “correct” by society again and again.
Her last videos for her songs “Scorpio,” and “Venom,” are intense and artful pieces that challenge society’s views of gender and sexuality. In her newest video for the song, “Elaine,” off her 2017 EP Scorpio, Bebe switches it up and delivers us what seems to be the answer to her previous thought-provoking material.

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Alex Black Practices The Erotic Art of Self-Destruction In ‘Gutter Streets’ Music Video

The video explores the intersection between queerness and the Freudian death drive, pursuing destruction as a generative force. According to Black, “The death drive is usually thought of as this toxic negative force, but so much of my growth as a person and an artist has come as a result of my self-destructive tendencies towards addiction and self-loathing. The death drive isn’t just negative. And there’s something very queer and powerful about that to me.”